One Problem, One Solution

Here’s how it works:

Take a good long detailed look at the market and niche you want to work in and then pick one single problem that people in that market need solutions for. You may need to dig down so that it becomes laser targeted.

Here’s an example:

This is the same for any buyer’s niche of course but for this example, I will pick weight loss.

Although the weight-loss niche has many important areas to consider, remember that we do not wish to overload ourselves or confuse the issue. We want just one highly-focused area. I would say that many people who are trying to lose weight get frustrated at trying to remove those last few pounds of belly fat. It’s the last bit to go and is so difficult to get rid of.

So, this would be an excellent area in which to target. We know that it is a buyer’s market and we know that many people would like the answer to this one problem.

Now if your chosen niche is something that you are interested in already, then you may already have enough knowledge to solve a problem but if not, then do this.

Nip over to Ezine articles and type in ‘how to lose belly fat’ (or your chosen niche). Many articles will come up. Pick a few that center around that one issue and paste them into a document. Now you have enough information to solve the problem that you already know many people are looking for. Now, with your research material to had, re-write the information in your own words and once again, this becomes easier if this is a niche you are already interested in.

Grab a few images and turn the short report into a PDF. Now you have a valuable gift to act as an op-tin incentive. This targets one problem and offers one solution.

You now need to create a landing page and most auto responders offer templates as a package and because they host them for you then you don’t actually need to have a domain name, although you can still go down that road if you want to. Your landing page has one job only to do and that is to get the opt-in. So, create a highly targeted short description that tells visitors what they are going to get and remind them why they want it. Keep it short and simple. Remember one problem and one solution.

You will need to create a thank-you page as well and again; your auto responder will likely have the template. The thank-you page will do three things.

At the top, it will introduce you or your brand and educate your new subscriber on what they can expect in the coming weeks. Tell them what you do. How many emails they will receive and why they need to open them.

The middle section will inform them that the link to their free gift will be in their first email and most likely, will have arrived in their in-box already. Tell them to check the spam box if they can’t see it. It is important to present it this way as you are training them to open your first email. If you leave the link to the gift on the thank-you page they do not need to look for the email, worse, they may well forget who you are so it makes sense to do it this way. They are far more likely to open future emails if they open the first.

At the bottom of the page you should use the opportunity to try and make a sale. This will be a highly targeted offer connected to the free gift they have signed up for. This attempt at a soft sale is very important as it establishes two things.

  1. It starts you off in the selling frame of mind.
  2. It gets your new subscriber used to the fact that there will be offers.

It really should be something like…

“Hey, while I have your attention. If you really want to take fat-burning to the next level, I highly recommend you take a look at this as these guys have it nailed. Then publish the link.”

This will bring in the odd sale and it helps to pay for traffic.

Once you have the landing page connected to the thank-you page and your free gift is hosted somewhere, it is time to write out a series of follow-up emails.

These will be set up in your auto responder so that every new subscriber receives them.

The first one should be set up for instant delivery and this means publish it to day 0 on most auto responders. It should be similar to the thank-you page in that you inform them of all the amazing content to come and you start to build that all-important connection. This time of course, the link to the gift will be included. Once again, you will mention the product you promoted on the thank-you page.

There is no golden rule as to how many you should write but five to seven follow-up emails seem to be a good figure as many subscribers will make a purchase from you in subsequent emails later in your sales funnel.

After this, you will email them directly with a mixture of offers for credible and proven products, and of course, a steady stream of valuable information.

If you are truly in a buyer’s market then you will never run out of offers to promote or content to share. Ezine articles and magazines are great for fresh content if rewritten and in an email, keep content short and to the point, so even the odd interesting fact or tip will do.

This blueprint to success requires no website or Facebook page but can be enhanced further by adding those in of course, but you can and will make money very quickly if you grasp how this works. It is hard to think of anything much easier to be honest and I promise you, even without magic buttons, this really works.

Remember one problem and one solution and stick to it.

Once you have a solid subscriber base you will never look back as long as you look after them well and remember they are people and not just numbers.

When this is set in place, your entire business centers around driving traffic to the landing page and emailing your subscribers.