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email1A client of mine recently asked me if I had any secrets to share on how to take a starter email list from 200 people to 1,000 people in a month or two.

I told her that they aren’t any real secrets and that there are only two ways to add 800 opt-ins to your list in 30 to 60 days:

1. Have multiple JV partners mail their list for you with a link to your opt-in page.
At an opt-in rate of 25%, you would need at least 3,200 emails sent out to result in 800 opt-ins, and likely quite a bit more than that sent.

Typically, there’s no money at risk since you only pay a commission to your JV partners when their leads buy something. However finding partners and convincing them to mail is not easy.

2. Paid advertising (Facebook PPC and others).
You can expect to pay between $5 and $10 per opt-in for a “starter” opt-in funnel (i.e., one not yet proven to convert). That is calculated assuming a 10% – 20% opt-in rate off of $1 clicks. Your total cost might be in the range of $4K to $8K to get your 800 opt-ins, and again, potentially more.

There are no guarantees, and all your advertising spend is at risk since you need to spend it before you make any sales. The good news is there are no affiliate commissions to pay from sales made to paid advertising opt-ins.


Social media, SEO, Youtube videos, article marketing and other “free” traffic sources are great but are long term efforts and will not result in building a list that fast.


Hope you find my advice helpful and not too sobering.

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Topics covered on this training video include…

  • How to pick and register a domain name
  • Setting up hosting and installing WordPress
  • Installing and activating a WordPress theme
  • Creating pages with text, graphics and videos
  • Setting up a sidebar optin form

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Topics covered on this webinar include…

  • How I do online client scheduling
  • Great resources to find and hire contract workers
  • Comparison of popular email autoresponder and shoppingcart vendors
  • Where to get images for websites, blog posts, ezines and newsletters

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This is a ‘get started’ video training course I made that is great for beginners with the Aweber email autoresponder system, which is one of the easiest and least expensive solutions to building an email list.