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vrindaGuest Article By Vrinda Normand, The Irresistible Marketing Mentor

With millions of emails and web pages flashing promotions every day, you’re probably used to tuning most of them out.

It’s overwhelming and frankly, it all starts to sound the same. You can’t even tell what’s real anymore.

Unfortunately, this “noise” is drowning out your marketing messages too, and stopping you from effectively reaching your ideal clients online.

And this REALLY sucks because people need your solutions! You’re passionate about helping them, and it’s super frustrating when your promotions get a tiny response.

What can you do?!

Well any challenging situation can be the breeding ground for innovation…and this is the perfect opportunity for you to make your marketing RISE ABOVE the noise.

There are some savvy online marketers out there who ARE growing massive communities and getting their message noticed by the right people.

I learned what it really takes by growing my own business to 7-figures, serving over 40,000 entrepreneurs all over the world.

The secret is, you need an Irresistible Platform.

By “platform” I don’t mean technology. In marketing, your platform is your core messaging strategy that positions you as a unique leader in your niche and makes your offer totally irresistible (and visible) to your ideal clients.

You need to match up all the key elements for this to happen effectively. It’s not just about writing copy…

You need to do strategic market research to get clear on:

  1. How your offer should be packaged so it sells like hot cakes
  1. How to offer the right thing to the right people in the right way
  1. Exactly who your ideal clients are and what they’re craving
  1. How your message is different from similar businesses out there
  1. The market GAPS your offer can fill in a unique and complimentary way

When all of these elements come together, then you craft the hot titles for your offerings so you can easily catch attention online.

The right titles focused on the right market…with a highly visible Irresistible Platform…will get you a huge response every time you promote something. You’ll be able to reach 10,000’s of your ideal clients simply by clicking “send” on an email.

Of course, this makes it SO much easier to fill your programs and sell your products…so you can make the big impact you were born for.

I’m committed to empowering you with an Irresistible Platform so you can “springboard” your business to the next level, expand your reach, and create the lucrative, life-changing business you dream of.

Here are a few signs you need a more effective messaging platform to captivate your ideal clients:

  • When you think of your ideal clients, you imagine a massive group of people who have many different needs and life circumstances. They’re diverse and you want to help them all because your solution has broad appeal.
  • The messaging that describes your program, product or service primarily tells people what it does. Makes sense right?
  • You haven’t studied your competition deeply, but you know your process or style is unique. You assume your potential clients will discover the differences and choose whoever is the right fit for them.

These common approaches to marketing are one way to go. Not to make them wrong, but they’re why so many messages are getting ignored.

The irony is, you may think you’re reaching more potential clients by casting a wider net, but the broader your message, the weaker it becomes at attracting the right clients to you.

Remember, if you try to speak to everyone at once, no one will hear you.

You also need to describe your offer in a way that helps your ideal clients instantly see the value – and WANT it.

A huge mistake most entrepreneurs make is trying to sell people what they need instead of what they want.

Getting clear on your Irresistible Platform will show you who your ideal clients are, what they want, the words they’ll respond to, and how to package your offerings so they sell with ease.

What’s next?

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About the Author

Vrinda Normand honed her word-savvy skills as an investigative journalist, publishing front-page cover stories for over 200,000 readers across the United States. Now she helps entrepreneurs attract clients and sales online with irresistible marketing messages. Vrinda doubled her Irresistible Online Marketing Company 5 years in a row, growing beyond $5 million in revenues. She serves over 40,000 people in more than 10 countries. Her clients have grown 6-figure online businesses thanks to the strategies she teaches.

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List Building Truth

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email1A client of mine recently asked me if I had any secrets to share on how to take a starter email list from 200 people to 1,000 people in a month or two.

I told her that they aren’t any real secrets and that there are only two ways to add 800 opt-ins to your list in 30 to 60 days:

1. Have multiple JV partners mail their list for you with a link to your opt-in page.
At an opt-in rate of 25%, you would need at least 3,200 emails sent out to result in 800 opt-ins, and likely quite a bit more than that sent.

Typically, there’s no money at risk since you only pay a commission to your JV partners when their leads buy something. However finding partners and convincing them to mail is not easy.

2. Paid advertising (Facebook PPC and others).
You can expect to pay between $5 and $10 per opt-in for a “starter” opt-in funnel (i.e., one not yet proven to convert). That is calculated assuming a 10% – 20% opt-in rate off of $1 clicks. Your total cost might be in the range of $4K to $8K to get your 800 opt-ins, and again, potentially more.

There are no guarantees, and all your advertising spend is at risk since you need to spend it before you make any sales. The good news is there are no affiliate commissions to pay from sales made to paid advertising opt-ins.


Social media, SEO, Youtube videos, article marketing and other “free” traffic sources are great but are long term efforts and will not result in building a list that fast.


Hope you find my advice helpful and not too sobering.


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